Housing & Development Board to increase BTO supply

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) is looking at ways on the way that it is able to improve the building work of some Build To Order (BTO) projects and assemble them ahead of their sales starts.

This really is to supply some flats with shorter waiting times to cater to couples in pressing need of new houses.
“Helping youthful couples own their first home is just one of our key priorities,” it said.

First -timers now have the ability to choose a second program or flat within their first, and undoubtedly on their third attempt.”

Besides ramping up new supply that was flat, the ministry disclosed that since 2011, the Housing Board has also been calling bids for a lot of projects as soon as layouts are willing to shorten the waiting time for buyers.

With the waiting time down primarily to building time, the HDB has also embraced various productivity measures including the employment of precast technology to expedite building, in the plan and building stages. While the HDB is working on the public housing, the private sector residential is also seeing many new launches surfacing during the 1st half of 2017, Inz Residence EC, Seaside Residences and Grandeur Park Residences,

We calibrate our flat supply to be sensitive to the housing needs of Singaporeans and will monitor the market carefully,” noted the MND.

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